Triple cream truffle cheese

Brillat Savarin,soft and creamy taste,well matured cheese


Brillat Savarin and black truffles : the wedding


The black truffles was back on the french table in the 18 century, thanks to Mr Birllat-Savarin the famous french culinary critic.


Begining of the 20 century, Mr Androuet, the first french fromager (cheese master) renamed a cheese called "delice des gourmets" into Brillat-Savarin due to its softness and smoothness.


It was absolutely obvious, due to their history, that we have to marry theese 2 products for our gourmet pleasure.


And it works beyond our expectation. The cheese underlines the falvor of the black truffles (nutty and woodland undergrowth)


A Paradise Gourmet !

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