Tomme de Yenne

This is a deliciously soft cheese that melts in the mouth. It is not very well known and merits better recognition. It is made from cow’s milk that is pressed but not cooked. Maturity is a minimum of one month. During its maturing period the cheese develops a rind that is covered with red and yellow mould. The pâte (dough) originally white will with maturity turn a creamy yellow. The longer it is matured the savors become more concentrated and pronounced. The ideal way to enjoy the Tommette de Yenne is in slices between two pieces of country bread, or at the end of a meal with raisins and fresh figs. Serve with a regional wine from the Rhone-Alpes area.

800 g
(28 Ozs)
Minimum 1 month For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

white wine chardonnay grape

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