Fumaison 500gr

The fumaison is hang like a sausage during 3 months and smoked during this period with pine wood


At the first sight of the Fumaison one thinks of a joli Jesus de Lyon (a sausage).


The form and taste, applying sausage-making techniques to the cheese, is a success.


Hung like a sausage during,  at least, 3 months and smoked during this period with pine wood, the Fumaison has a typical smooky taste with some lactic touch.


His pâte has an ivory color, souple with little holes.


Enjoy this cheese with either a dry white wine such as a sauvignon grape or a light red wine such as a gamay grape.


For those who like culnary experience cook the Fumaison as a Raclette.

500 g
(17,5 Ozs)
Minimum 3 months For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

White wine: Sauvignon grapes such as Sancerre

Red wine: Gamay grape such as Beaujolais

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