Picodon de Chevre (Organic)

The picodon is produced from goat's milk of the highest quality coming from the mountains of the Ardèche and Drome regions of France. Since 1983 Picodon is protected by AOC label. Its name come from old french and means sour. Its pungent odour, with a sweet and sour taste, gives this cheese a light sourness that is delicious. The hard rind of the picodon is covered with touches of blue, white or yellow mould. The pate is firm and homogeneous.

70 g
(2,45 Ozs)
3 weeksFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

White wine: Crozes-Hermitage (Marsanne, Roussanne grapes)Light red wine: Côtes du Forez (Gamay Noir grape)

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