Broccio Passu - PDO -

The existence of this cheese on the Ile de Beaute (the beautiful island) is without doubt as old as the existence of ewes on the island. Like the people of Corsica it has a strong personality and is part of this magnificent island’s heritage. The cheese is produced throughout the island and since 1988 has been a member of the AOC family. Its profile and characteristics are practically identical to the Brousse provençale. The Broccio comes in the form of a ball of curd that has been flattened and presented in a returnable wicker basket, known as "les canestres", which varies in sizes. Broccio is usually eaten fresh, within forty eight hours, but if drained and salted it can be ripened like other cheeses. The ripening of this cheese represent about 15 % of the total production. It is an unusual cheese in that it is made from lactoserum, that is the whey that is recuperated after cheese making. One needs 11 litres of milk to obtain the lactoserum to produce a kilo of Broccio. Its taste is strong and little spicy. The pate has a very soft, creamy and fine texture that will be a delight for all palates.

350 g
(12,25 Ozs)
Minimum 2 weeksFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Marc from Corsica or white / rosé light wines

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