Brin d'Amour

To find this cheese one has to go to Corsica, an island that lies 170 kilometres from the French Cote d’Azur and about 83 kilometres west of Piombino on the Italian coast. The Brin d'Amour, artisan cheese, is relatively recent. Its natural rind is covered with rosemary thyme, coriander seeds and savoury, aromatic herbs that are found in the rocky, brambly underbush landscape one finds on the island. The Brin d'Amour is an uncooked and unpressed cheese that requires a maturing period of at least a month. The dried herbs give the Brin d’Amour an original and subtle flavor. The pate is ivory white with a fine texture. The taste is slightly sour.

250 g
(8,75 Ozs)
2 monthsFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

White wine: Côtes-de-Provence (Rolle, Ugni Blanc grapes)Red wine: Vin de Corse (Nielluccio, Sciacarellu grapes)

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