Brebis du Lavort 1/2pc

Brebis du lavort is  recent (produced for the first time in 1990) cheese is matured in the humid cellars of an old water tower.

The brebis du Lavort is a unique production and it has a famous godfather : Chef Pierre Troisgros.

The taste of the Brebis du Lavort has a rich and subtle flavour of fresh milk. Delightful !

The pate of the Brebis du Lavort is a white and yellow colour, creamy with a delicate taste that melts in your mouth and then when the maturation last longer, the pâte becomes more brittle and the aroma gets stronger.

 Enjoy the brebis du Lavort with a condrieu white wine

1000 g
(35 Ozs)
3 months For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Dry white wine: Jurançon (Manseng, Courbu grapes)

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