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Ossau Iraty cheese is full of a delicious, nutty, robust taste


Ossau-Iraty is probably the least known of the A.O.C cheese family.


The Ossau-Iraty unites two regions of France in the Western Pyrénées: Ossau in the valley of the Bearn, and Iraty in the beech forests of the Pays Basque.


The Ossau-Iraty is full of a delicious,  nutty, robust taste if his produced during the period from June to September when the herds move up to the high mountain meadows.


Covered by a thick orange to grey rind, the pate is white, supple and ceamy. It becomes more firm as the maturing period is longer.


An artisan pate may have small holes and should not stick to the palate.

500 g
(17,5 Ozs)
Minimum 3 monthsFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Red wine: Côtes-de-St-Mont (Tannat, Cab.-Sauvignon grapes)

White wine: Irouléguy (Manseng, Courbu grapes)

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