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The making of Banon cheese goes back to Roman times


The making of little cheese goes back to Roman times. It comes from the dry arid pastures that surround Banon in the Haute Provence. It is made from goat’s milk.


The farmers of the region eat the cheese by scooping it up with a teaspoon and washing it down with cooled local red or white wine.


Made only with unpasteurized and whole goat’s milk, matured in brown chestnut leaves it is tied up with a wisp of natural raffia.


It has a soft creamy taste, reminiscent of milk, gradually influenced by the aroma of the chestnut leaves.


The Banon is an uncooked, unpressed cheese with a fine white (on maturing the pate turns a yellowish colour), soft pate.


90 g
(3,15 Ozs)
Fresh:minimum 2 weeksSemi-Fresh:minimum 4 to 5 weeksMatured:minimum 6 to 8 weeks

Pairing wine

White Cassis, Marsanne,

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