This cheese made from goat's raw milk can be eaten at various stages of affinage. One can eat it fresh or after 2 months of affinage. This cheese has beautiful notes of milk and rosemary (some bits for decoration, but especially a regular bath in scented essential oils). The pâte is white, compact and slightly wet. The odor is frank and the taste slightly acidulous. After 1 month of affinage savour becomes more marked, persistent and almost sticking to the palate. Romarin can be eaten for the apéritif or at the end of the meal with a green salad aromatized with the raspberry vinegar.

200 g
(7 Ozs)
Minimum 2 weeksFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Rosé wine: Coteaux Varois (Grenache, Cinsault grapes)

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