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Reblochon cheese is made by mixing the milks of three different breeds of cow


Reblochon was the first cheese of the Savoy region to be granted the the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), in 1958.


The cheese is made by mixing the milks of three different breeds of cow : abondance, tarine, and montbéliarde. The birth of this fascinating cheese is due to the ingenuity of the Savoie herdsmen. In the 13th century, the farmers were completely dependent on landowners who insisted that all the herd's milk was their property. At milking time, the herdsmen did not quite complete the milking. After the controllers had left, the herdsmen finished the milking. They "re-blochaient". From this the cheese was named


Reblochon, made with the creamy milk of a second milking.


The cheeses are put into a cellar to dry, and are turned every 2 days and washed with whey.


Reblochon is a well-proportioned cheese with a nutty aftertaste that contrasts with a strong odour of the cellar.


The creamy cheese often has a herbal aroma. From this process, the rind turns a orange-yellow with a velvety texture.

450 g
(15,75 Ozs)
6 weeks For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Dry white wine: Crépy (Chasselas grape)

Fruity red wine: Beaujolais-Villages (Gamay Noir grape)

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