Crémeux du Jura

The Massif du Mont d'Or, rises to a height of 1,450 meters and lies near the French/Swiss border. Over the years there has been a heated argument who made the Crémeux first, the French or the Swiss. The Swiss have finally conceded that the French were the first. The cheese is always presented in a wooden box and bound with spruce hoops. These should never be removed, even when serving, as they enable the cheese to be contained. It is sheer delight to the palate ... a taste that lingers, a taste one never forgets....velvety and buttery. The surface of the cheese is moist, with a rind that is golden and slightly reddish. The pate is a soft yellow and creamy. A cheese to be eaten with a small spoon.

600 g
(21 Ozs)
3 weeks

Pairing wine

Cotes du Jura white wine

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