Truffe de Valensole

In the Alpes of the Haute Provence around the village of Valensole one finds excellent truffles. Truffles are world renowned as a famous gastronomic delicacy of the highly scented under-ground forest mushroom. The Truffe de Valensole is shaped by hand to resemble these highly prized truffles. Then the rind is covered with a fine coat of black charcoal to insure its exterior aspect looks like a truffle. The taste of the Truffe de Valensole is fresh, with a delicate milky overtone. This sensation of freshness leaves a seductive after taste of herbal undergrowth. The pate is snowy white and in the early part of the cheeses maturing process tends to be slightly crumbly; it melts in the mouth.

110 g
(3,85 Ozs)
2 weeks

Pairing wine

White wine: Coteaux Varois (Clairette, Grenache, Rolle grapes) Vin rouge léger: Beaujolais (cépage: Gamay Noir)

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