Moulis is a small village situated on the road that traverses the Couserans valley: direction from Saint Girons. This little treasure has an interesting history. It was created by the grandfather Pujol and today is made by his grand daughter accompanied by her husband who resembles a modern day Viking. The couple only make about 17,000 cheeses a year. Despite the many little aerated holes the cheese’s dough is moist, creamy and melts in the mouth. The rind is natural, obtained from washing in brine every two days for the first two weeks, then turned and bushed for a month or two. The pate (dough) after maturing for six months will turn dark and become hard and has the tendency to sting the tongue. A great example of a mountain cheese, steeped in tradition, full of the perfumes of the Pyrenees, and make with “amour”( love). Both young and mature Moulis have strong taste. The distinct taste of fermentation and decay stings the tongue. The cheese smells strong and is piquant when old. At first, the pâte is straw-coloured, then it turns brown. Despite its many holes, it is moist, fatty and melts softly in the mouth. With age, it darkens and becomes harder. The natural rind is dry with white and brown mould, marked by cloth.

200 g
(7 Ozs)
Minimum 2 monthsFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Red wine: Haut-Médoc (Cab-Sauvignon, Cab-Franc grapes)

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