Saint Nicolas de la Dalmerie

A remarkable tasty raw milk ewe cheese produced by monks

In 1965, the Monastery of St Nicolas was founded in the village of de la Dalmerie. This village is located in the l'Hérault department, near the water spring of l'Orb, 85km to the west of Montpellier, and 60km north east of Béziers.

The monks live of the land and have a herd of ewe from which they make remarkable tasty raw milk cheeses (saint Nicolas de la Dalmerie). This is where you can find the saint Nicolas de la Dalmerie cheese.

When you taste this cheese, it melts slowly in your mouth and releases aroma of thyme and rosemary, typical aromatique herbs of France.

140 g
(4,9 Ozs)
3 weeks

Pairing wine

Cassis white wine

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