Legend has it that when Louis XIV was travelling through the Hainaut ( a region in the North of France ) he so enjoyed this remarkable little cheese that he allowed the farmers of this region to called it Dauphin, the name given to his son, the Crown Prince. From that day the cheese quickly took on the form of a dolphin. The cheese is made from a Maroilles cheese that is flavoured, before maturing, with tarragon, parsley, pepper and cloves. Maturing takes about two to four months. For those gourmets that like the sensation of strong flavors this is an ideal cheese. The pate is soft and slightly sticky, it is uncooked and unpressed. The rind is humid, washed, and has a distinctive reddish colour.

400 g
(14 Ozs)
2 to 4 months

Pairing wine

Red wine: Côtes du Rhône (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault grapes)

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