Tomme de montagne ail des Ours 450g

Tomme de montagne à l'ail des ours is a pressed, uncooked cheese made from thermized milk collected in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Bear's garlic, a mountain plant that grows in undergrowth and has many health benefits, is added to the curds. This cheese is matured for a minimum of 4 weeks before it can be enjoyed.

In fact, it's the addition of wild garlic or ail des ours to the curd that gives the cheese its characteristic texture, even though it's actually an uncooked pressed cheese. On the palate, its taste is not as pronounced as it seems, the cheese flavor is very much present, and the wild garlic adds an extra touch of flavor to give you a mild, herbaceous taste. The whole Tomme weighs around 1.6kg.

500 g
(17,5 Ozs)

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