Strachitunt 200g

Old cheese naturally marbled with two pastes

In the past, the cheese production of the Italian valleys was mainly composed of cheeses called "Tunt" or "Quader", that is round or square.

From this comes the term "Strachitunt", which means round cheese. The specifications of the product still provide for the use of whole raw milk (milk barely milked and still warm) and worked with the old technique of the two pastes that consists of the union of two milks: the evening milk, cold, and the morning milk, still warm.

Since 2013 it has become a PDO cheese, for the pride of the whole community of the area of Taleggio, Vedeseta, Val Brembilla and Blello. The rind is thick, brown to gray in color during the extended maturation.

During this period, which lasts at least 75 days, the cheese is manually pierced in order to favor the development of the molds naturally present in the milk and in the environment. This gives the cheese its typical marbled appearance with irregular molds. The bouquet is that of a blue-veined cheese with notes of milk that are superimposed on metallic notes. The flavor is aromatic and intense, ranging from mild to spicy depending on the degree of maturation, fragrant and melting with a pleasant vegetal aftertaste.


Pairing wine

Chardonnay - Gewurztraminer Passito - Grillo - Lugana - Moscato Di Scanzo - Passito Di Pantelleria - Verdicchio

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