Abbaye du Mont des Cats


This cheese requires the same production methods as "Port du Salut". It has been produced in the north of France, since 1890, by the monks from an abbey near the town of Godewaersvelde (meaning God's plain).


It is made in a small independent dairy with milk from neighbouring farms. In Flanders, it is sometimes eaten as a breakfast cheese with coffee.


Caving takes a minimum of one month and during this period the cheese is washed in salted water and dyed with rocou (a South American bush plant), a reddish derivative from annatto seeds.


The cheese has a subtle taste and melts slowly in your mouth, you will enjoy it.


The pate is hard, uncooked, pressed and has small holes.

200 g
(7 Ozs)
Minimum 2 monthsFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

Red wine: Graves (Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes)

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