Sapic Blanc

Fromage de chèvre au lait cru en forme de sapin

Sapic is a soft cheese made from raw goat's milk with a bloomy rind, produced in Penne in the Tarn department in the Occitanie region.

As its name suggests, it has the shape of a small fir tree. Its rind, white to ivory, is fine and wrinkled. It is covered with a fine white down.
Its paste, quite white, is chalky in its heart and presents a fine creamy layer under its rind.
It is a soft and unctuous cheese with a fresh and mild goat taste, perfectly balanced, which intensifies with maturing.

80 g
(2,8 Ozs)

Pairing wine

Vin rouge: Haut-Poitou (cépages: Gamay Noir, Cabernet-Franc)

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