Raclette cheeseboard with 3 Savoy cheeses

Raclette is a mountain cow cheese from Savoy

Discover our 3 cheese platter from Savoie composed of :

  • Coeur de tomme : uncooked pressed cheese
  • Raclette de Savoie PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) : uncooked pressed cheese with a morgée rind;
  • Smoked Raclette : uncooked pressed paste smoked with beech wood

About 24 slices

The taste of Raclette is mild, aromatic and frank.

It owes its name to the way it has been eaten for a very long time: cut in the middle, the slice is heated then scraped.

550 g
(19,25 Ozs)

Pairing wine

White wine : Jongieux blanc (Savoie) and Saint-Véran (Burgundy)
Red wine : Morgon (Beaujolais)

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