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Thym Tamarre

Thym Tamarre, goat milk cheese available to sell
An original and distinctive cheese immediately noticeable by its shape and the elegant touch of a branch of thyme one finds on its surface. The taste of the Thym Tamarre takes the note of praise an octave higher. The secret lies in the abundant and rich goats milk from a race known as the « Chevre de rove».Our cheese maker Monsieur Pradier allows his goats to roam the scented herbal pastures of the Alpes of Provence. The result is an explosion of savors that probably cheeses can only capture. The Thym Tamarre is captivating! Spread over with thyme, the Thym Tamare has a soft rind and a whit pate.


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Summer - Fall
2 weeks


160 g (5,6 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine